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What To Do When Unemployed?

Wondering what to do when unemployed? Check out this 1-minute video or read the short article below the video:


“Dear Pete: I’m unemployed.  What can I do to make myself more marketable to employers?”


While employers won’t publicly admit it, there is unfortunately a sitgma against unemployed job-seekers.  It’s kind of like dating!  You appear more desirable when you are “taken” (i.e. in a relationship or employed). 

However, the good news is that this problem is easily resolved if you are unemployed right now.  If you are wondering what to do when unemployed, here are 2 easy ways to make yourself more marketable to employers:

1. Donate your time/skills. 

Find a professional association or non-profit organization where you can volunteer a few hours each week.  Associations and non-profits are always desperate for volunteer support.  Ideally, you want to support an organization with good name recognition where you can utilize skills/knowledge related to your career.  For example, if you want your next job to be in sales and marketing, you could volunteer a few hours a week to help a non-profit with its fundraising efforts.  This will keep your skills sharp, give you something to speak about when people ask how you have been staying busy, and keep your spirits high since you will be doing something purposeful and productive.

2. Enroll in a personal/professional development course. 

You can also use your time when unemployed to enhance a skill set or knowledge base connected to your career or your own personal growth.  For a very nominal investment, you could take a course online or in-person through a community college, local library, adult education center, etc. 

In summary, if you are unsure what to do when unemployed, find a way(s) to improve your skills and knowledge.  Employers will be impressed by your proactive commitment to self-improvement.

Until next time, remember that you just need 1 break to get your dream job, and it’s closer than you think!

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