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Unemployment Statistics: Why They Do NOT Matter For Your Job Search

It drives me nuts when people use unemployment statistics or the economy as an excuse for not being able to land their dream job (or any job).

You don’t need me to bombard you with statistics about the recession.  The media has already done more than enough of that. 

Take a look at unemployment statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics over the last 50 years or so.  (Note: This exercise is also a great cure for insomnia.)

You will see that unemployment statistics have always fluctuated up and down with peaks in the 8-10% range (where they were in 2012) versus valleys in the 2-4% range.  Where will unemployment be in the next few years?  Who knows?

More importantly, who cares? 

Let me state the obvious since so many people seem to be missing it.  How many jobs do you need to get? 

One job. 

Not 100 jobs.  Not 25 jobs.  Not even 3 jobs.  You just need 1 job.  That’s it. 

Let me be clear.  I’m not trying to make you feel badly if you’re out of work right now.  I’m trying to help you have the right perspective.  The economy is only a problem if you think it’s a problem.  Don’t worry about unemployment statistics.  Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed into a state of fear by the media.

You don’t need to fix the economy.  You just need to get 1 job. That’s all you should be focused on. 

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